When I came to the decision that I wanted to travel, initially I had no clue what I was doing!? There was no guide and no obvious place to start… After days of searching the internet for everything I might possibly need, I set off on my journey. Only to find that flights several days later had been half the price, I’d massively overpacked and my accommodation although cheap was less than ideal, and so the ‘Simple Travel Steps’ seed was planted. The site is first and foremost an 8-step Guide aimed at getting travellers on their way headache free, safe in the knowledge that they have everything in hand and under control!


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You’re probably thinking, what entitles this guy to tell me how to plan my travels? Well, I’m going to attempt to persuade you… Firstly I have a methodical mindset, I’m a sucker for the details and as such find myself researching even the smallest detail whilst travelling, perhaps stemming from doing a mathematics degree… I keep all these details meticulously filed for ease of access.

Secondly, I LOVE to travel, I love everything about it, meeting new people, trying new foods and seeing incredible sights! Because of this passion I have now visited over 40 countries and met dozens of like-minded travellers all happy to laze by a pool sipping a beer and explaining the most frustrating situations they have found themselves in whilst travelling… Meanwhile I scribble away noting down these frustrations to use for this site!

Combining a lifetime’s worth of trawling the internet for travel advice, with a breadth of experiences from the travellers I have met, I now travel completely stress free and have compacted that knowledge into an easy to follow 8-Step Travel Guide.


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I enjoyed researching and piecing the guide together so much that the project naturally evolved into a fully-fledged website. It now incorporates a Destinations section and a Blog element. Staying true to my systematic approach the Destination pages function as ‘fact-files.’ Firstly, providing the information deemed most important to travellers, i.e. the country’s ‘Top Attractions’ and the ‘Required Vaccinations’. Before, offering up opinions and useful tips in the form of related blog posts about the country.

My aim is that this format will set us apart from the mass of travel blogs out there, offering up the fundamentals without forcing the opinions. Allowing you to efficiently plan your travels without getting bogged down in the bloggy details! I hope you find that both my personality and passion for travel shine through in the displayed content!


Welcome to Simple Travel Steps!


(Now seriously, you’ve made it through my ENTIRE about page… check out the Guide!)